Orders & Shipping

Yes, we ship all over the world.

You can track your order by simply entering your order number here.

Before an order is fulfilled in our store, we reexamine the fraud analysis and determine if an order is fraudulent powered by sophisticated artificial intelligent technologies.

Orders may be canceled due to:

Characteristics of this order are similar to fraudulent orders observed in the past.

Billing street address detecteted not to match the credit card's registered address.

The item or product is identified to be out of stock.

While we never want a situation where your order is canceled by a party other than you, if it is, we will ensure you receive a full credit or refund. 

It depends on where you are. Orders processed here will take 15-25 business days to arrive. 

We also guarantee that our package will arrive no more than 35 days.

In order to build a scalable business. If your package does not arrive within this time frame we will issue a full refund. 

Your order will not be canceled!

We apologize for any delays in getting your order to you. To keep up to date with the actions we are taking during this challenging times, view our response.

At EK2 Store, it is important that all our partners and suppliers are reliable.

We work hard to moderate each partner. To provide the best shipping prices worldwide, shipping speeds worldwide, and product quality. Your product may have been shipped in a different batch. This happens allot especially with one or more popular products. Don't worry, everything you ordered will be sent to you or will issue a full refund. 

We always aim for make sure our customers love our products, but if you do need to return an order, we’re happy to help. Contact us and we’ll take you through the process. Please read our refund policy.

It all depends on the supplier and the nature of the product. All options are outlined on your shopping cart, so please add more comments on the order instructions box.

"Checkout is currently unavailable due to technical problems. Please try again in a few minutes." - You may have received this error on the dynamic checkout of the product page.

Update: This issue looks to be related to an ongoing issue on our ecommerce website host provider: Shopify, we are aware of this and the developers are currently addressing this issue. 

Good news! the Checkout version of G-pay option is working without issue. We will provide an update on here as soon as the dynamic checkout process is resolved. Simply add the product to cart and process this way :)

Status: Resolved

Previous update: 7/25/2020

Upcoming Opportunities

This option is in development but in the meantime, for us to review your assets, please initiate your inquiry via Media Contact Form.  

If you need your assets administered through a digital fingerprint on platforms such as YouTube, & Facebook, you can submit your request here. 

We are working closely with approved rights holders, this option will be available when ready.

In the meantime, if you need your assets administered through a digital fingerprint on platforms such as Youtube, & Facebook, you can submit your request here.


You can contact us through our contact page! We will be happy to assist you.

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