Shopify & Facebook Expects Most of Its Workforce to Remain Remote Indefinitely

What does this mean for the future of the office? Will employees who require frequent in-person interaction as part of their jobs be negatively affected? Is it appropriate to expect employees to fully integrate personal and professional spaces?

E-commerce colossus: Shopify’s 5,000 employees will be capable to proceed to work at home when the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.
CEO Tobi Lutke announced Thursday morning “as of today, Shopify is digital by default company”, and offices will remain closed until 2021 as the company re-designs them for a “new reality” of working remotely possibly permanently.


Meanwhile, Facebook is taking a little more reserved approach. Currently 95% of Facebook employees work from home, said Zuckerberg, although the company plans to start reopening of offices with additional health precautions in July. These include mandatory mask and temperature controls, and occupancy will be limited to 25% of normal capacity.


While this new approach to telework undoubtedly opens up opportunities for people who may not have the financial means or the ability to relocate to one of the U.S. technology centers, Facebook also has everything to gain. To help this influx of permanent remote workers collaborate effectively, Zuckerberg said the company plans to accelerate the development of next-generation communication tools, especially those using virtual reality and augmented reality technology.

“The other thing is that I think it will help us to advance some of the future technologies we are working on around remote presence because we are just going to be using it constantly ourselves,” he said. declared to the Verge. “Right now, VR and AR are a large group within the company, but it is still somewhat disconnected from the work that most employees do on a daily basis. And I think it could change that sooner. “

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