It Is Easy to See How Shopify Inc Became Canada’s Second Most Valuable Company


E-commerce success story Shopify has enjoyed an impressive track record in recent years that has seen the company ascend into an elite position. The company currently ranks as the second most valuable in Canada and there are some clear reasons why this has come to be. The company's value has swelled in the past handful of weeks. With impressive growth in its overall stock price, the company quickly rose into its current standing within the Canadian market. This rapid company growth has many contributing factors behind it, but the overall reality is that the innovative business model has helped to create such a positive opinion within the Canadian consumer market. The company's ability to make e-commerce shopping an easy process is at the heart of this current success. This is combined with the access that the platform is providing to those that want to create their own presence in the world of online sales.


Dedication to Providing an E-Commerce Platform That Is Easy to Use

At the heart of this success, our store is hosted on Shopify Inc. They provide us with an online e-commerce platform that allows us to sell our products and services. The platform is user friendly and convenient for both sellers and consumers. Contributing factors include the platform's 24/7 support of multiple languages and its system that is known for its functionality and its ease of use. Sellers are consistently impressed with how easy it is for them to run their own online store through this innovative platform. Countless sellers have been able to build their own business on the platform and consumers that like their products have been able to easily purchase them.


Demonstrating a Commitment to its Sellers During a Tough Time

Shopify has further strengthened its strong reputation with the announcement that it is going to take steps to help its sellers during the current global health crisis. This new program will come in the form of cash advances for Canadian businesses. This new Capital program is going to provide some valuable assistance to qualified merchants that are having a difficult time in light of the current global situation. It is another example of the company's tradition of going above and beyond that has helped to set it apart. 

All of these key factors have contributed to the impressive growth trend that the company has enjoyed. These points have added up to its current success as Canada's second most valuable business.

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