Overcoming Barriers - How to Succeed in Life Right Now!

Ultimately the choice you face is yours alone to make. You can turn it into a knowledgeable lesson, an opportunity, or you can grip about it and keep doing what you are doing. Sometimes you just have to let things slide. Other times, the issue needs to be tackled quickly so it doesn’t become a bigger problem. There is a fine line and let’s face it, we all struggle from time to time with hard decisions.


“Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.” – Henry Ford.



1. Don’t grieve. People don’t want to hear woe is me over and over again, especially if you do nothing about it. However, do ask for help and for suggestions from others that may have been in similar situations. You have to be willing to help yourself. People can’t do it for you.

2. Don’t beat around the bush. If you are having an issue, do something about it. Burying it does nothing but eat away at you. Don’t know what to do? Seek counseling. Many companies provide free counseling services as part of your HR package. Try something. If that doesn’t work, try something else. Do anything but the same thing that previously didn’t work.

3. Linger positivity. When you are worried about something it’s hard to stay positive, but think about the good things that could come from the difficult decision you have to make or the hard conversation you have to have.

4. Be genuine. Realize you may not get the outcome you want, but rather we sometimes get what we need. Do you have some growing to do before you get what you want? Sometimes the timing isn’t right because there is something better and we just need to be patient.

5. Don’t strive to out-do people. When someone expresses that they are struggling, don’t come back with, “You think that’s hard… let me tell you my story.” Everyone has had something hard in their life. It’s fine to let them know you can relate, but be helpful with your comments and stories.

6. Emotion. When dealing with others, we sometimes forget that there is more than just the logical side. Most people make decisions because of emotions whether they believe it or not. Past experiences or fears can play a part. Sometimes in order to remove the obstacle, you have to digger deeper into the real reasons for objections and overcome that issue first.

7. Slice it down. Always keep in mind the end objective. Sometimes the bigger obstacle has smaller obstacles to overcome. When thinking about challenges, break them down and tackle them in smaller pieces.

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