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At EK2 we believe Life`s greatest blessing is family! This is our take on the U.S Immigration policy as Canadians: When you take a look at the big issues in USA, it seems like some have managed to separate policy from basic humanity. No matter what your feelings on immigration and border security, it's important to remember that the people currently caught up in all of the controversies are just that - people. Ignoring this is exactly what has led the country to its current policy of separating the children of asylum seekers from their parents and this inhumane policy has diminished them all. Simply put, we are against the separation of immigrant families in the US and believe that families truly belong together. 


 There are many ways to look at this issue, all of which lead to the same conclusion. It doesn't matter if your goal is to look at things as a humanitarian, a legal scholar or just as someone who loves this country. The things being done in the name of security are not only unnecessary, but they're also cruel. Taking a look at the issue from multiple viewpoints not only helps to reaffirm our stance, but it also helps to explain exactly why this process needs to be brought to an immediate and permanent stop. 



One of the major arguments in favor of separating families of asylum seekers and others in the immigration process has been that it's merely complying with the law. In truth, though, it's taking existing laws and twisting them to suit political purposes. There is no law that says that families have to be separated - indeed, it's a relatively new phenomenon that has more or less been undertaken under the cover of darkness. Rather than being a necessity, this is a choice of how to enforce a law and a choice that seems to be made to cause maximum harm. 

The courts, at the very least, seem to agree with our stance here. A federal judge has ruled that the government must reunite the families who have been separated at the border within thirty days. This not only means that what's been going on was unnecessary, but that it was a type of action that didn't comply with the laws as written. If there has ever been any argument as to whether or not these separations actually needed to occur, they should be put to rest by the ruling of the court. 



 There's also no doubt that these actions have tarnished the reputation of the USA in the eyes of the rest of the world. The reasons behind doing this might seem important to some, but one has to admit that the optics are horrible. Children are being ripped from their parents at the border and housed indefinitely at detention facilities. The USA has now become the kind of place where it's possible for this to happen and that's something with which every person who loves this country should have a problem. By taking actions that harm children, every citizen of this nation is diminished. 

There's nothing wrong with admitting that, USA has taken steps in the name of security that should not have been taken. It's happened before, of course - one only needs to look at the internment of citizens of Japanese descent during the second world war as an example of paranoia gone wrong. Americans have pulled families away from their lives because they were afraid and the end results have never actually made them safer. In the case of Japanese internment, apologies were eventually given not because of a legal requirement but because failure to do so would be to ignore a stain on USA reputation. 

USA is very much a nation of immigrants. The vast majority of the people who currently live in that country came to America from somewhere else. Some of those people went there because they had no other choice because the lives that were left behind were fraught with danger. The people who are coming to our country to seek asylum and safety are no different - they want a chance for a better life, just like our own ancestors did so long ago. Instead of giving them that opportunity, the U.S Immigration policy has taken their children. This is something that should not stand. 



Simply put, we believe that no human being is illegal. We know and we acknowledge that there are specific immigration laws in place and that as flawed as they may be, there are reasons why they exist. Rather than criminalizing all of those who seek to better their lives by coming to this country, we believe that they should be treated with the respect and dignity that should be afforded to all humans regardless of their nationality. 

We believe that no more family separations should occur. If people visit this country to give their children a better future, they should not begin that journey by tearing their families apart. If these families must wait for a ruling on whether or not they can be granted asylum, they should be allowed to do so together. These people are not criminals who are being punished by the justice system - they are brave individuals who have come to a foreign land for their own safety and should be treated with at least a modicum of respect. Keeping their families together is the least we can request. 

We are against the separation of immigrant families in the US. We believe that the families that have been separated should be united as quickly as possible. If this means having to expedite certain bureaucratic procedures, so be it. Not only must this process stop for new asylum seekers, but they must do what they can to help those who have already experienced the trauma of separation. Doing so may cause a burden on the system, but the system is ultimately at fault for what has happened thus far. 

Our stance is not unreasonable or radical. No more family separations simply means treating people like people, no matter where they come from. We feel that this stance not only has a strong basis in the historical character of America, but in the legal rulings of their court system. As nations, we sometimes make mistakes based on fear and misunderstanding, but it is important that we own up to those mistakes and make things right. The best way to do this is to stop all family separations at the border and to begin treating everyone who comes into this country with the dignity that they deserve.

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