Breathtaking Drone Video: San Francisco Wildfires - Blade Runner 2049 Ambiance

Blade Runner fans are in for a wild ride in this one. Make sure you have headphones as you may recognize some cinematography of Blade Runner 2049 express the idea of a dangerous and uninhabitable world. Orange fog appears in many minimal shooting in the film,  giving the idea of a big and forbidding world; characters breathe a cold and unhealthy air. Well this came to live in some parts of USA in light of recent wildfires. Check out the drone video below originally posted on twitter by Jason Calcanis featuring the popular 2049 score by Hans Zimmer




Blade runner 2049 is a wonderful neo-noir sci-fi movie (2018), sequel of Blade Runner, a 1982 cult directed by Ridley Scott, inspired by Philip K. Dick’s beautiful novel. In this second chapter (directed by Denis Villeneuve) Harrison FordRyan Goslin, Sylvia Hoeks and Jared Leto are the main actors. Roger Deakins is the director of photography and won an oscar for it, soundtrack by Hans Zimmer.


The color has a serious, radiant sensation which emits health and life. Its sound is similar to that of a bell announcing the Angelus, a baritone, or a viola.

These scenes are surreal... 



 “Every leap of civilization was built on the back of a disposable workforce.”
NIANDER WALLACE - Niander Wallace

Blade runner vs San Francisco

Before we even know what we are, we fear to lose it. - Niander Wallace

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