Virtual Mate, Love, and the Future of AI Advancement


As technology develops, we find ourselves constantly finding new uses for it. For quite some time, interactive dating sims have existed, allowing users to romance digital partners of their choosing. However, no matter how detailed or intimate these sims may get, it does not replace the desire to truly feel physically connected. No matter what you do, the characters in these dating sims are providing pre-programmed responses, whether it be to conversations, gestures, or more intimate moments.


AI technology has a solution for that, though - an interactive game called Virtual Mate has developed a software-hardware combination that allows users to play and interact with a virtual girlfriend (with additional hardware and programming in the works to offer a virtual girlfriend, as well) that will interact with the user, responding intimate, sensual moments in real-time with the use of the game's interactive core - making it truly feel like a real lascivious experience.


Additionally, the game has three different modes - Story Mode, Quick Mode, and VR mode. For users who have access to a virtual reality headset, the game allows users to truly immerse themselves in the VR experience of love. Whether you are looking for a quick lovemaking session or an in-depth romance, the game provides you the ability to develop these with a virtual avatar of your choosing.

There are several different avatars you can choose from, including several popular lewd stars, allowing you to romance the woman of your dreams in whatever way you see fit. According to the website, by using the core during your intimate encounters, the mate will react in real-time to your movements, being able to feel your depth, speed, and strength. Ultimately, users should feel like they are truly involved in a lovemaking experience.

Questioning the Depth of VR Love?



This artificial intelligence system allows users to feel as though they are truly interacting with another human being, feeling the sensations of nooky and the reciprocation as it is happening. However, many individuals have quested whether this type of tech will satisfy the need for a real, human-to-human emotional connection. As the virtual reality and AI world has developed and dating sims have become more and more realistic, many scientists have wondered if it is possible for our inherent need for human interaction to be satisfied through artificial intelligence and dating simulators.

Currently, there are no simulators on the market that many scientists and psychologists feel will be able to satisfy those needs. Often, while these simulation avatars may look real, they are responding with the same pre-programmed responses, or through 3D video interfaces, causing the user to simply be along for the ride. While this may satisfy some level of physical needs, it often leaves the user feeling nothing, emotionally.

With the development of Virtual Mate, however, users are able to talk and interact with their virtual partner and receive responses, both in story mode during the romance portions, and during quick mode for simple lovemaking sessions, that are tailored to their wants and needs. It provides a more realistic and authentic experience for users craving a better emotional connection.

While it's hard to say now if this will be able to satisfy the needs of those who are isolated, it definitely stands a chance - this is a great new piece of tech that will change the way we think of virtual dating moving forward. Learn more


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