Starship Technologies Inc Launches Autonomous Robot Delivery Service

Intelligent technology has begun to emerge. AI is not always as visibly identifiable as a dog-walking robot. Instead, it can be used to assist in food delivery services especially as we are forced to embrace "social distancing". Starship Technologies is a robotics company building a network of autonomous delivery robots that was launched in 2014 by Microsoft`s sub-organization: Skype co-founders; Ahti Heinla and Janus Friis



Their robots are lightweight and inexpensive, essentially allowing the company to lower the current cost of transportation down by up to 15 times per delivery. The robots operate autonomously most utmost but are still observed by a human being with a remote controller who can take over at any instant. Starship Technologies has rolled out its robot food delivery service in Tempe city in Arizona. Locals can now order contact-less delivery from three area restaurants at this time as they plan to expand to more in the near future. As a result of COVID-19, many universities had to close, Starship said it is continuing delivery services on multiple college campuses across the U.S. where international and grad students are residing. No information suggests this service be coming to Canada at this time but we certainly hope sooner.



To date, machine-learning technology has discovered the best ways to play certain games, such as Go. In fact, programs have become so adept at these specific tasks that humans can no longer beat them. In these specific tasks, such software has developed superhuman abilities. When a piece of software exhibits such super-human ability, it is said to be engaging in deep learning. What many people predict is that more and more of these programs will achieve super-human abilities and be able to outperform humans in more and more tasks. 

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