Canada’s COVID Alert App - Now Available for Android & iPhone

Confidence can be boosted if there is greater assurance that data is secure. While there are many mobile apps designed to track the spread of COVID-19, there are concerns with what happens to the data. Many apps collect personal data but they fail to indicate whether the information will be sealed. 

The COVID alert exposure notification app a low risk, low reward approach. Won’t assist in contact tracing, but doesn’t raise the same privacy risks + privacy commish consulted before release. Effectiveness depends upon widespread usage and willingness to report if test positive.

The app is not mandatory for Canadians and can be downloaded voluntarily from Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

Something I'm curious about with this app: a person with a positive case has their info uploaded for other phones to detect. Now, that person should be self-isolating until they are negative, correct? So, once they are out in public again, if my phone were to come within range of theirs and it notifies me about possible exposure, wouldn't that mean that I was near someone who once tested positive but is now negative? I'm just curious to know if an 'outdated' notification to me would be that helpful. While I’m guessing the “key” they can enter into their phone, once they’ve been diagnosed with COVID-19, would have an expiry. All of this will only work if an infected person enters their unique key into the app. I predict this will have very limited effectiveness. This app has the potential to save lives and I'd rate that reward level as "high" if used well.

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